SecurBiop® 10+10ml

SecurBiop® 10+10ml

The 10+10 ml SecurBiop® is created to help users detach the specimen from the instrument. Its cap is prefilled with 8% formaldehyde and sealed with a resistant membrane. The cup is prefilled with 10 ml of saline solution. The result of mixing the two liquids will be 10% neutral buffered formalin.

• It is easy to use. Simply open the container and remove the safety ring. Insert the specimen into the empty cup (this operation is facilitated by the saline solution): there will be no direct or indirect (vapours) contact with formaldehyde.
• Once the specimen is in the cup, close the container: the membrane will automatically break, allowing the liquid to be released into the cup. The specimen can be fixed now.
• The O-ring guarantees a hermetic sealing, preventing both the liquid and its vapours from coming out of the container.

How to use