Safe biopsy specimen containers.

Our products SecurBiop® and FormalEasy® are containers for biopsy specimens that offer safety to operators, preventing any type of contact with formalin.

World ‘s first in the product range

SecurBiop® and FormalEasy® are the first complete range on the global market capable of safely managing the biopsy sample in the laboratory and in the operating room. A range of products capable of managing from the histological sample of a few millimeters to the whole organ.

Innovative "closed system" technology

SecurBiop® e FormalEasy® are based on a patented technology which constitutes the so-called "closed system", ie a system through which it is impossible to come into contact with the formalin necessary to fix the biopsy sample either directly (by contact) or in a indirect (vapors).

Formalin Risk free

Starting from January 1st 2016, EU Regulation no. 605/2014, which reclassifies formaldehyde as a carcinogenic product, entered into force. This regulation had a significant impact on the methods of use and management of formaldehyde in hospitals....